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Lasbela University of Agriculture, Water and Marine Sciecnes Lasbela


The School was chartered through Law No. 1/2005, Govt of Balochistan, Pakistan.

Mr. Shaukat Aziz, former Excellent Reverend of Pakistan, passed over the building of Ex Lasbela Fabric Generators for the School and he declared an initial allow of Rs.30 Large numbers for its immediate costs.

The Primary Reverend Balochistan, Mir Jam Muhammad Yousuf also declared a corresponding allow of Rs. 30 Large numbers on the same day. And on same day the clear parts of LTM structures were taken over from Pakistan Business Progression Organization.

After necessary study & assessment, work on building & attached features began on. Recruiting of experienced personnel & experienced personnel was also started according to standard terms & circumstances of Higher Knowledge Commission payment rate, Govt of Pakistan.

The Chancellor constituted the Us senate of LUAWMS that would be the substantial to date body trusted with relating to of the School. Since the organization of LUAWMS, four Us senate events have been organised and various solutions regarding program development and personnel development have been accepted by the Us senate. The Us senate events were chaired Chancellor / Governor Balochistan Owais Ahmed Ghani.

Preparations were created on war footings and acceptance were declared in Sep 2005 which were completed by end of May 2005 and sessions of BS Sea Sciences and DVM were began. Progression and rehab works ongoing area by area.

First acceptance were created to BS Farming, Overall costs and British also. The Us senate has determined and instructed the higher education to start enhancing Faculty of Water Sciences during the time of 2007-08 and the attempts are being created in this respect. The new entrance in all professions for 2007-08 will be declared in the month of May 2007 and the sessions for new time will start from mid of Sep 2007.

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Marine Sciences

Water Resources Management

Agriculture Veterinary & Animal Sciences

Social Sciences


Uthal - Balochistan

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